Oh no! you just can’t win can you..lol
she’s just really… rambunctious. and i’m hoping once we have her surgery next month that she will calm the hell down. playfulness isn’t a problem, but she just goes overboard. she also bites a lot and i can’t seem to break that habit.
omg lol!
i was screaming “no” at the top of my lungs. she was literally like: 
I’d laugh, but we’re picking up our new kitten next week, and he’s going to cause just as much trouble if not more.
aw! congrats on the new little kitty! what is his name? word of advice: baby-proof your house NOW. also, i hope you don’t mind battle-scarred arms because kittens are the worst biters ever.

I love working out. It doesn’t just build your body. It builds your mind. It builds true willpower that you can apply to any endeavor in your life. And that’s when you become powerful.

happy friday, tumblr. how is your day going? i assume you didn’t spend your morning giving a kitten a bath because said kitten decided it would be a great idea to jump into a toilet full of piss before you could flush it.