Rewatching Star Trek movies in bed with the kitten. It’s a great way to spend your day when your stomach is trying to kill you.


It saddens me that fanfiction writers and fanartists feel the need to apologize for periods of inactivity. They are sharing their talents FOR FREE and they deserve more thanks than they’re getting.

So I urge all of you to take a moment to let your favorite writers and artists know they are appreciated.

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I saw an ad on tv over the weekend for a pre-season hockey game (can't remember who) coming up soon and got all bouncy and excited and my son couldn't figure out why! (he missed the ad) When I told him, he got this, "ah ... I don't know you!" sort of look on his face! lol HOCKEY!



LOL! Ah, youth. I’m excited for a new season. Last year’s was just… pitiful! Well, maybe not for everyone—but for the Canucks? Oy vey. I’m hoping to see some serious improvement this time around. But I won’t lie: my heart is still hurting from trading both Schneider and Lu and AV’s departure. :(

I tend to fall behind on a lot of the trades and stuff during the off season. Sadly, I don’t have cable or pay tv to watch a lot of the games, but when I do get them on NBC, watch out! House usually clears out so I can watch the game!!! :) I will cheer almost any team on (I have a few I will NOT cheer, just on principle!) but my favorite has been the Avalanche since I lived out there when they first moved to Denver. I miss being close to them.

However, we have a new ECHL team called the Indy Fuel (I would REALLY like to know what happened to the Indianapolis Ice!), so I might have to try to get to one of their games sometime. Closest thing we’ve got to professional nearby.

That sounds cool! I have an East Coast (the Pens) team and a West Coast team (the Canucks). All others pretty much do not exist to me. One of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received was from the husband—he got front row seats to a Canucks away game in Tampa. I got to sit right behind the players and I also met some of the nicest people from Vancouver. We got way too drunk into the wee hours of the morning celebrating the win. But it was so worth it.